Sarah Herron weighs in on Robert Graham and Paradise drama

Sarah Herron is the gorgeous 27-year-old Junior Art Director from Marina Del Rey, CA on Bachelor in Paradise. You may know her from Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor or as the only not-bat-$h!t crazy girl looking for love on the show. She has always been one of our faves. Sarah is mild-mannered, thoughtful, very intelligent, a tad bit shy and quite insightful — so it’s great to hear her write  about her harrowing experience on Bachelor in Paradise in her Parade blog. She even admits that she knew Robert before the show began.

“After escaping a painful week caught between the Elise and Dylan drama, getting to spend time with Robert was a breath of fresh air. I met Robert pre-Paradise, but viewed him as a friend–mostly because the degree of his hotness stopped me from imagining we’d ever be anything more. Surprisingly though, spending time with him in Paradise, I only felt 90 percent awkward as opposed to the usual 100 percent. The more time we spent together, the more I started to like him. Just as I was starting to have renewed hope for love in Paradise, I found out Michelle had eyes for Robert, too. You can imagine how deflated I felt when she told me she was planning to take him on a date.”

Michelle, Michelle….you may remember her as the villain on Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor. When Michelle sets her sights on someone she is determined and tenacious to say the least. But Michelle changes her target multiple times during the 3 week journey to find love, but that still didn’t make Sarah feel great about her relationship with Robert.

“Finding myself now in a love triangle with Michelle was not a comforting thought. She is undeniably one of the most striking women I’ve ever met. Her presence demands the attention of a room in an incredibly intimidating way. She’s as charming as she is cunning and she’s every bit lovable as she is unapproachable. In other words, she’s pretty much the last person you’d ever want to duke it out with over a guy. To sit back and watch Michelle and Robert have a romantic mini-date hurt, but I learned an invaluable lesson while waiting for it to end.”

Read the rest of her blog on the above link to Parade.


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