Chris Harrison weighs in on the Cody Sattler and Michelle Money relationship

Who would have ever guessed that Bachelor villain Michelle Money would hit it off with Bachelorette muscle boy Cody Sattler. Well apparently the relationship even stunned host and situation professional Chris Harrison. Chris said this about the coupling in a tvguide interview:

michelle-codye“Chris Harrison: The thing about Cody is that it almost seems disingenuous and too positive and happy, but I’m telling you that’s the guy. It threw Michelle off a bit, like, this guy can’t be real. Michelle is pretty down-to-earth and has a good bullsh– meter, and I think it was off the charts when he first arrived. But this is him, nothing but sunny days and happy-go-lucky, and he’s sweeping her off her feet. Clare is going to be kicking her own ass on this one.”

But the joke is on us because these two are still going strong!

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