Monet Bell & Vaughn Copeland divorce after reality marriage & don’t even ‘like each other as friends’

On Tuesday night’s finale of the FYI reality series “Married at First Sight” couple Monet Bell, 33 and Vaughn Copeland, 30 had to decide whether to stay married or get divorced after 5 weeks together. This situation was interesting because unlike Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis, Monet and Vaughn had serious sexual chemistry from the getgo even consummating their relationship the first night, but as time went on they really got on each others nerves. I’d say the two even began to hate each other.

Monet was a very independent and bubbly fashion product development manager from Harlem and wanted to settle down after being single for five years and trying her hand at online dating. Vaughn was a very traditional and quiet industrial airplane technician from New Jersey who also claimed that he was ready to settle down after 11 years in the military and five years in a long-distance relationship.

But their physical chemistry was not enough. The two had huge communication problems — Vaughn felt that Monet was not being authentic with him and wasn’t paying enough attention to him on their Puerto Rican honeymoon. It was all down hill from here. Vaughn really turned off at that point and never looked back. It’s hard to imagine what Monet could have done to illicit such a shut-down but he withdrew his affection at that point and could not let go of the resentment.

In a NY Post interview Copeland claimed that behind the scenes things got even rockier for the two:

“Behind the scenes, when cameras were not on . . . we had a major disconnect,” …. “We really didn’t even end up getting to like each other as friends.”


Well 2 outta 3 ain’t bad for Matchmakers Dr Pepper Schwartz,  Greg Epstein, Dr Logan Levkoff and  Dr Joseph Cilona.

Previews for a two-hour reunion special, “Married at First Sight: Six Months Later,” which airs Sept. 16 at 9 p.m. on FYI seemed to suggest that the two had not made amends to put it mildly.

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Monet Bell talks about going through divorce after reality show marriage

Photo: Richard Knapp/FYI

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5 thoughts on “Monet Bell & Vaughn Copeland divorce after reality marriage & don’t even ‘like each other as friends’”

  1. I have to say that Monet and Vaughn, in my opinion, made the right decision for both of them. Admittedly, editing sways what we viewers actually see, but Monet is way too strong for Vaughn. He appears to need a more traditional “wifey” that has a good job, but is willing to play the traditional role at home, including cooking dinner and catering to him to a certain extent. Bell is a strong, smart, independent woman who needs a strong, smart, man, who sees marriage as an equal partnership and is willing to pick up 1/2 of the domestic side of things. Bell came off as “bitchy” some times, but it was Copeland, I think, that brought that out in her. Not a good match. Good for you both and this here ole gramma wishes you BOTH the very best!


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