Chris Soules’ Bachelor season premiere to air LIVE on Jan 5th!

We are 2 LONG months away from the premiere of Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor.

But good news Bachelor Nation, the season will air LIVE on Jan. 5. and the air time will be 3 HOURS!

Sounds like from some leaks that the filming this season took place primarily in the US. We don’t know if that was because ABC thought jet lag made it more difficult for a connection to form or if they are being cheap or if they were afraid of contracting Ebola, but whatever the reason this will be different sort of journey. which is why we are calling it— “Bachelor 2015: Amber Waves of Grain”.

The 6′-1″, 32-year-old corn and soybean farmer spoke to Good Morning America about the season:

“I mean, coming from a small town I never really expected to have this opportunity to be on either show let alone to be the lead on The Bachelor, so it’s been awesome,” …. “I am going to do my best and think I’ll do well. I’m looking forward to it.”

Here are Bachelor 2015 Contestants names, ages and Hometowns

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