Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner move in to new home

Jamie Otis and new husband Doug Hehner are not wasting anytime getting their life together started and I guess we should not be surprised since the two did get “married at first sight”.

Doug Hehner successfully woooed the 27-year-old nurse and former beauty queen chosen for him by a slew of experts on FYI’s new show Married at First Sight— after a very rough start. But Jamie fell hard for the 31-year-old commercial sales rep husband and the two decided to stay together.

And the two are now anxious to start a family so the first order of business was finding a home closer to Doug’s family in New Jersey.

And it looks like these two have found their new home and already moved in.


Jamie also posted this to Twitter about her new husband…



Jamie Otis married Doug Hehner on FYI show Married at First Sight!!

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