Does Becca Tilley tell Chris Soules about her virginity?

There are not one but two virgins on this season of The Bachelor, Becca Tilley, 26 and Ashley Iaconetti, 26 (although no one seems to care that much about Ashley).

But the previews reveal that Bachelor contestant Chiropractic assistant Becca Tilley gets a coveted Hometown Date which begs the question of whether or not she tells Bachelor Chris Soules about her virginity.

Photo Source: ABC
Photo Source: ABC

Chris Harrison said this to TV Guide about the situation:

“Becca and Chris had a great date, but he doesn’t know she’s a virgin. Will that come up? Harrison: Eventually it will come up, yes. She’s a sweet, wonderful girl, but is she too much of a little girl for Chris? She’s nervous around him, and it’s all cute and adorable, but I don’t know if a 30-year-old man is looking for that. So, they might be in different places right now. He really likes her, but it will come up.”

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