Chris Soules mother “freaked out” over Jade Roper modeling pics

So Monday night the big shoe finally dropped on Chris Soules season of The Bachelor during Hometown dates when 28-year-old contestant Jade Roper told Chris that she did some nude modelling for Playboy in 2012 and apparently Chris’ mom had a meltdown off camera–as any mom would have!

A show insider claims that Roper never disclosed her scandalous past during casting in Us Magazine: “It’s not something you reveal on night one.”

Remember it was Chris Soules 3 sisters who chose Jade Roper on the January 26 episode to join Chris on a 1 on 1 Cinderella-themed date.

The insider said this about the full-frontal nude pictures, “the longer she went without saying anything, the bigger a secret it became,” …. “Jade was very stressed about sharing this with him.”

I actually think it was Bachelor Spoiler Reality Steve’s discovery of the information that sent producers and Jade into a panic because she told Chris right after the news came out in the media.

Chris Soules family
Source: Sophienette

My favorite part is that Jade “forced” Chris to watch the horrific video after she confesses–“they watched the Playboy video on a computer together,” says a source. “Chris had a bit of an issue with it, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker for him.”

But Conservative mom Linda Rae Soules reportedly “freaked out” off camera when Chris said the “P-word” – and that may have impacted his decision: “Chris really liked Jade. But he had to think of who would fit in in Iowa. That was first and foremost in his mind.”

I am guessing that dad just gave Chris a pat on the back for this situation.

You can imagine how a mom might react. After all if you have Googled “Jade Roper nude photos” you have seen that they are not just tasteful topless pics! They are FULL nude. I may even have to put my pearl necklace on for this situation.

Poor Linda Rae, I hope you can recover from this!

Photo Source: Sophienette

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  1. Chris, you are the most humblest guy ever on this show, and I admire you. My parents were farmers also, and I
    grew up in a small town In Iowa as well.

    I am glad you picked the 2 that you have picked on the
    show, and if they are not right, then please don’t settle. I wish you my very best! I admire you for your
    hard work.


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