Arthur Green ‘New Zealand Bachelor’ 2015: Bio, Photos, Twitter, Hometown, Age

Arthur Green 2015: Bio, Photos, Twitter

Name: Arthur Green

Age: 26
Show: New Zealand Bachelor

Hometown: grew up on a farm in Martinborough, also lived in Wellington, and Christchurch.

Height: 190cm, 6’3″

Shoe size: 10

Education: University in Dunedin studied Sport Science

Occupation: Co-owner of Clean Paleo Ltd

After graduating Arthur managed a gym in Western Australia. As a result of people going to him for nutrition advice, he started a company called Clean Paleo Ltd with two other friends.

Birthday: TBA
Tattoos: TBA

Ex-girlfriends: Arthur was in a five year relationship starting at age of 18. He opens up about his ex-girlfriend here.

He and his family are very close. He has six sisters. One is Emily Hlavac, the five other sisters: three are daughters of his mother’s Tauranga husband David Williams, and two are daughters of Arthur’s father and his partner.

Stepmother: Sarah Green

Dad: Mark Green

Sisters from Dad and Stepmom: Holly Green, 12, and Abby Green, 10

Arthur claims his mom is getting married in a few weeks.

Mother: Cate Hlavac, 54

Step-father: Tauranga property developer David Williams

Biological father: deceased

Hobbies: surfing, playing tennis, farmers’ markets.

UPDATE: May 7th, 2015: Art Green proposes to Matilda Rice!

From his Bio page:

“His ideal woman is someone who is funny, active and intellectual with great eyes. He doesn’t mind if she’s smarter than him and ideally she’d have a good job with her own ambition and drive.”

“Arthur doesn’t want a high-maintenance girlfriend, but doesn’t mind a bit of sass.”

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