Bachelorette contestant Tanner Tolbert arrest record & mugshot

So the Bachelorette season 11 starts in May and we already have 7 of the contestants. One of those contestants is friend of Aaron Murray’s ex-fiance, Kacie McDonnell, and 26-year-old Finance manager Tanner Tolbert. Tanner is gorgeous, but he looks like trouble because he does have an arrest record.

He was arrested on February 28th in Johnson County of this year for Driving Under the Influence. He was released on $700 bail.

Well Tanner is unfortunately not the only Bachelor/Bachelorette cast member with a mugshot. Bachelor Chris Soules and contestant Jade Roper also had arrest records.


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  1. Word is that Tanner Tolbert was out with friends and had a drink or two when he was asked to go out and move his car. He was only pulling the car around for re-parking it when he got pulled over. Some say it was a setup knowing he was going on the show to create some dirt on him.


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