Ryan Ranellone and Jaclyn Methuen consummate their marriage!

Ryan Ranellone and Jaclyn Methuen consummate their marriage!

No way!!! It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago 30 year-old Jaclyn Methuen, had a complete meltdown when she laid eyes on her chosen life-partner for the first time, Long Island real estate agent Ryan Ranellone, 28.

“The initial physical attraction really isn’t there right now” she claimed…. “when I saw him face to face I felt a little disappointed. It just doesn’t feel like this is the man who is my husband. I don’t know if I can do this.”

But over some time Jaclyn began developing feelings for Ryan and last week we were left on a cliffhanger as the two entered their bedroom.

She conceded last week that the two still had not had sex. “We haven’t consummated our marriage yet, but it seems like [in] the imminent future that is going to happen.”

This week she proclaims:

“I feel like a different person now and now I’m looking at him through different eyes,” she says. “I’m not just looking at him like a friend. I’m looking at him like a man.”

Tonight Ryan, drives 3 hours from Stony Brook, Long Island to spend his first night at Jaclyn’s home in Union, New Jersey.

Later in the episode Jaclyn announces that they had in fact “consummated her marriage”!!!–after saying earlier that she had not had sex in two years and hoped that she had not forgotten how it works.

Tonight they also celebrated New Years and Jaclyn says:

“I didn’t think my feelings for Ryan would change so drastically in a few weeks”.

Until this week Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino were the only couple who had consummated their marriage. Davina Kullar and Sean Varricchio, have a very intense connection but Davina is making Sean wait until they are ‘in love’.

So Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone oddly are having the most successful relationship thus far in the experiment! Props to the experts! They did it again!

The show airs on Tuesday’s at 9 p.m. on A&E

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