Sean Varricchio and Davina Kuller divorce

Season Two of A&E’s reality series Married at First Sight ended tonight and we finally got to see how the three couples faired. One of the couples that looked promising in the beginning was 35-year-old Trauma nurse Sean Varricchio and 34-year-old biopharmaceutical sales rep Davina Kuller, but sadly the couple has opted for divorce after just six weeks together.

Sean and Davina had immediate chemistry at the altar and seemed to have a lot in common. Sean let Davina know that he “accepted” her and wanted this to work. But things started going downhill fast. In the beginning Sean was trying to get intimate with Davina but she wanted to wait until they were “in love”, but things changed and it was no longer Sean who wanted intimacy.

Interestingly, they were the only couple that never had sex during their six-week marriage. In fact Sean’s disinterest in sex prompted a lot of people to speculate that he may even be gay.

And things apparently did not even end amicably because they have not spoken since the break-up aside from filming the six-month reunion special airing on June 16 and 23 at 9 p.m. on A&E which should be interesting.

Both spoke separately to the NY Post about the failure of the relationship.

“I would describe the relationship between her and I right now to be pretty nonexistent,” Varricchio says.

“At decision day, we had a friendship going into that and he really blindsided me with some really negative comments,” Kullar says. “It makes it difficult to have a friendship because a friendship is based on trust, based on components of character and those were unfortunately laid to the side.”

Davina claims, “I don’t think the real Sean, the genuine Sean ever really showed up. I can’t say that I really know who I was married to,” ….. “I didn’t have a connection at all with him.”

Varricchio said, “Things were tense,” ….. “I was constantly walking on eggshells, where it definitely became difficult to see how we could grow a relationship.”

Kullar said this about the match makers: “I don’t think that the boxes were checked, I don’t think that necessarily the right person was matched.”

And Sean said this about the process: “I think the experts, they gave it their all to match me with someone who was compatible with me but love is not an exact science, neither is dating, matchmaking or anything of that nature,”…… “Until you really meet somebody and you try to build chemistry, you really don’t know.”

One point of contention was where to live. Davina insisted they live in Manhattan which was difficult for Varricchio who worked in New Jersey. The couple ultimately rented an apartment on the Upper East Side but Sean did not spend every night there and in the final three weeks was only there a few times.

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