Juliet and Gregor Angus Net Worth

Juliet and Gregor Angus Net Worth

All of the ladies on Bravo’s Ladies of London are incredibly ambitious and incredibly rich including 38-year-old Juliet Angus who is married to business executive Gregor Angus.

The American-born Socialite grew up in Chicago and received a Bachelors of Arts in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Southern California. Juliet moved to London in 2010.

She works in fashion PR with some of the biggest and best designers and A-list celebrities in the world. She is also an aspiring newscaster and actress.

The power couple has a net worth between £30 million and £40 million, according to the Daily Mail, but it’s mainly her husband Gregor’s money.

Gregor Angus is a media executive and Chief Commercial Officer at Magine, a cloud-based TV platform.

Prior to that, he was President and Group Chief Executive of a group of European PR and marketing agencies in Europe, EDC Communications.

Angus comes from Montreal, where he worked with big brands like Chrysler, Budweiser, and Pepsi.


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  1. Gregor Angus’ job doesn’t suggest a salary that would enable him to accumulate this much money. His dad was a politician in Canada which makes one wonder what/how did Gregor accumulate this wealth?


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