Caroline Fleming breaks up with young boyfriend

Ladies of London star Caroline Fleming caused some controversy at the bowling party when she announced that she had a 30-year-old boyfriend. Co-star Marissa Hermer kept taking digs at the famous 40-year-old ex baroness. But Caroline took to her blog to announce that that she is no longer dating her young beau.

“I am very good friends with the man I was dating around Christmas of last year and after a few lovely months together it took it’s natural steps organically transitioning to a gorgeous friendship.”

The other cast members teased Caroline, but Caroline was not amused particularly when Marissa said “lock up your children. She’s coming to bat…Look at the cougar!”.

“I was put off by Marissa’s comments because they are unattractive, unnecessary, and unkind. I don’t believe in making judgements, and I believe in kindness and goodness and allowing your inside to reflect your outside. I am both surprised and also slightly put off by what Marissa says and also how she just keeps going on and on about it – very ungraceful and far away from what I believe in. I believe in goodness and kindness all around, I believe in generosity of spirit. Unkind comments often come from unhappy place and I wish everyone well…”

Marissa responded on her BravoTV blog that she was out of line with her jokes and that she apologized to Caroline on the way home.

“I got carried away with heckling Caroline Fleming at bowling and took her t-shirt nickname joke too far. I immediately called Caroline on my way home from bowling and apologized. What I said was inappropriate and I’m very sorry that I offended Caroline – especially because I don’t actually think age matters in a relationship.”

You don’t want to get on the baroness’ bad side.

I wonder if the ladies know that Fleming has a history of dating younger men…including babby daddy 27-year-old Nicklas Bendtner. 

Photo Source: Bravo

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