Joelle Fletcher — Bachelor 2016 — Bio, Wiki, Photos, Social media


Joelle Fletcher — Bachelor 2016 — Bio, Wiki, Photos, Twitter

Name: Joelle Fletcher, aka Jojo Fletcher

Age: 24

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Occupation: Real estate Developer JHF Realty Development LLC — is or was Manager for Patton Hope Foundation

Education: Baylor University, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Ex boyfriend: Chad Rookstool who owns Chad Rookstool Salon in Dallas.

Height: 5’4”

Birthday: TBA

Zodiac Sign: TBA

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: Persian (Mother is Iranian)

Tattoos: none

Political Affiliation: Republican


It looks like she is Ben Patton’s sister! Ben Patton starred on Ready for Love. (I need to confirm this but there is a family connection here).

Her mother has a doctorate degree from Vanderbilt School and currently travels to poor countries in the Middle East, and South America to help with humanitarian needs. Additionally she served as Medical director for Patton Hope Foundation.

Her father is a doctor— an Internist.


Joelle Fletcher
Source: Linkedin

Joelle_Fletcher_ben higgins

Joelle Fletcher
Source: Twitter


Joelle Fletcher and her family

Social Media

Facebook – Joelle Fletcher
Twitter – @joellefletcher
Instagram – joelle_fletcher
Pinterest – joellef

From her ABC profile:

“Lunch with three people, alive or dead, and what would you order? My grandfather who has passed, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jesus. PIZZA! And wine.

What is your favorite all-time book and why? To be honest I don’t read a ton of books. I more read articles. But the types of books I do like are self-help & empowering ones.

How good of a cook are you? Average – I can kill a quesadilla though.

What is your cultural background, and how important is it to you? My mom is Persian, and my Dad was born and raised in Tennessee. I’m proud of my mother’s background despite what social opinions are. It’s important for me to stand up to people stereotyping Iranians.

If you could be someone else for just one day, who would it be and why? Taylor Swift because she’s awesome and I’ve already thought singing country music professionally would be so much fun. Plus, she has cool friends.”

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The Bachelor 2016 premieres Monday, Jan. 4, 2016 on ABC at 8PM.

ben_higgins_proposal_laurenBachelor Ben proposes to Lauren Bushnell!!!

Why did ben pick Lauren over Jojo?

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Photo Source: ABC


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