Sam Frost picks Sasha Mielczarek on Bachelorette Australia!

The inaugural season of The Bachelorette Australia has wrapped and Bachelorette Sam Frost HAS found her Prince Charming…… this time!!! The 26-year-old model chose 30-year-old Project Engineer Camden-born Sasha Mielczarek over 34-year-old professional soccer player Michael Turnbull — which I found interesting considering Sam has such a history dating professional soccer players (Benjamin Stratton, Dane Rampe, Dean Ipaviz).

But instead she chose the guy with the grown up job. Both men fell for Sam. But in the end she fell for only one.

Sam Frost
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In a dramatic and emotional diatribe Sam declared, ‘I’ve been waiting my whole life to meet you.’

‘Sash, I love you so much.’ 

‘From the very first moment that I met you, I got a feeling that I’ve never felt before, and I can’t even describe it,’ Sam began.

‘I used to be so nervous that I couldn’t even look you in the eye. Those feelings grew into so much more.

‘I was so scared to do this and I was so scared to put my heart out there again and I had moments thinking, ‘I was never going to be one of those people who never found the right person for them,’ Sam told Sasha. 

Sam Frost_engaged
Sam Frost
Sorce: TEN

‘I was so afraid that I wouldn’t find someone who truly loved me as much as I love them.

‘I never could understand why I had been hurt so much and I never could understand why my relationships weren’t working out and then I met you and I realised that I’ve been waiting my whole life to meet you.’ (Maybe because you kept dating professional athletes!)

Recall on Bachelor Australia season 2 when 31-year-old Bachelor Blake Garvey shockingly dumped Sam for 2nd runner-up contestant Louise Pillidge after he chose Sam on the finale.

‘Sash, I love you so much. I think so anyway.’

Needless-to-say Sasha was stunned and thrilled with the good news. ‘Really?’ he replied.

‘I wanted you to know that I loved you in the last meeting that we had and I wanted to alleviate any fears that you had in your mind about loving someone that didn’t love you back,’ Sasha said.

‘I truly do love you and I think you’re an amazing person and I feel so lucky.’

Congratulations Sam and Sasha!!!!

Photo Source: TEN

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