Who has Stassi Schroeder dated?

Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder has cemented her name in the reality hall of fame for her brash, in-your-face, cheeky confrontational style—a style that incidentally has attracted some very interesting men.

So who has the 27-year-old blonde siren dated?

Jax Taylor

When Vanderpump Rules began in January of 2013 star Stassi Schroeder was dating co-star Jax Taylor. The relationship was on the rocks from the get go. Stassi was insanely jealous of new arrival Scheana Marie (now Shay) and in retrospect you can see why.

The two broke up after gay pride and Stassi rebounded with bartender Frank Herlihy.

When Stassi and Frank returned from Vegas Jax was dating Laura-Leigh.

Source: Bravo

Although Jax made it clear in season 2 that he was still in love with Stassi and wanted to rekindle the romance. (This is when he gets the infamous Stassi tattoo.)

So the two get back together, but eventually Jax confesses that he cheated on Stassi with a girl he had met in Las Vegas and confessed to the situation on the Vanderpump Rules season 2 finale.

Jax told Stassi “A month before everything happened I did go to Vegas and have relations with someone else. I’m sorry.”

Later Jax refers to his relationship as a “mess”.

Frank Herlihy

After Jax, Stassi began dating co-worker Frank Herlihy.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

At first the relationship appeared to be a rebound, but it turned out Stassi was really in to Frank. But all the drama swirling around them caused their budding relationship to implode.

Looks like Frank is still in the ‘Entertainment’ biz and did not go in to commercial real estate. He lives between LA and Las vegas now.

Stassi said this about her relationship with Frank,

“That was actually one of the hardest things to watch. We actually got back together after filming. It was off and on and everything like that. I love him, I adore him. I don’t know a better man. It really sucks how he came off. Every single time he was on camera happened to be his worst moment. I feel really bad about that but no, my feelings were completely real.”

Patrick Meagher

Patrick Meagher
Patrick Meagher

Stassi Schroeder confirmed on Twitter in summer of 2014 that she was no longer with Jax (since her and Jax had been off and off after Frank), and she announced that she was dating Sirius XM radio host 34-year-old Patrick Meagher whom she met on Twitter.

Stassi had quietly moved to New York City unbeknownst to boss Lisa Vanderpump to live with her new beau. And she seemed to relish in flaunting her new “perfect” relationship on social media.

But things may not be going as smoothly as they appear since it looks the relationship is hanging by a thread currently in season 4.

Peter Madrigal

And as an added bonus, we also know that she dated SUR manager Peter Madrigal although she likes to denies this. In fact Stassi’s BFF Katie Maloney said this about the Peter situation:

Peter Madrigal
Source: Bravo

“Peter and I never “dated.” I was still new at SUR and was getting to know Peter and I had a big crush on him. We flirted and then hung out a couple times. Before we could get to the dating part he shut it down. I didn’t know it was because of Stassi. By the time I figured it all out, Stassi and Peter weren’t seeing each other anymore and Stassi and I were friends. It was so funny for Stassi and I to talk about the few weeks of overlap with Peter. We give him a hard time often for laughs.”

So clearly something was going on between Stassi and Peter.

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