David Norton — Married at First Sight — Bio — Wiki

David Norton — Married at First Sight — Bio — Wiki

Married at First Sight season 3 (2015)

Name:  David Norton

Age: 29

Occupation: Software account executive

Education: Iona College, BBA: Marketing, Marketing, 

High School: Amherst High School

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Birthday: May, 1985

Brother: Brian Norton

UPDATE 2/16/2016: Looks like David has a pretty serious arrest record

From his A&E profile:

“A serial monogamist, David has previously been in a few committed relationships – with the longest one lasting two years. …..  A self-proclaimed romantic, David loves to shower women with flowers and surprise vacations. As he nears his thirtieth birthday, David has been feeling the pressure to settle down and start a family. His ideal mate would be someone who is athletic, adventurous and funny. Feeling confident that he is ready to be married and have children, David has put his full trust in the experts to find his future wife.”


David has been single for two years. He was going to propose to his last serious girlfriend but she called off the relationship days before his planned proposal.

His dad died when he was 7 and was once a contestant on “The Newlywed Game.”

He also mentors at risk youths who are entering their Junior year of High School.

Biggest fear: “That someone would feel a connection, whether myself or my spouse, and the other person wouldn’t.”mafs_david-norton-e1448906028823

David is partnered with 30-year-old Ashley Doherty.

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Photo Source: A&E

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3 thoughts on “David Norton — Married at First Sight — Bio — Wiki”

  1. David I know your gonna find your soulmate so keep the faith have patience and trust me you will know when it’s real. I admire you from every aspect and you did the right thing by not choosing anyone. God will bring her to you not a tv show or a dating site. Love will come to you when you least expect it! God bless you and love peace and happiness always, Sue from Maine

  2. David , my name is Mike Lambert from Ventura California. I`m 53 never been married, had many experiences with women, had some great relationships & some not so good ones , but i learned lots from each & every one of them. My heart goes out to you David cause you were a very nice & loyal guy to Ashley & trust me brother, she never had her heart in to it, i can tell i been there with women too that have done this to me & i just would give them the boot right away when i saw this. I`ve had women be not affectionate to me, just like Ashley did with you thru-out the whole process in which i saw. She never communicated with you & always tried to get out of communicating & you did your best ! The reason she didn`t try cause she was not attracted to you & that`s the bottom line. David you are a great guy & you deserve somebody to really love you. Don`t let women do this to you & really pay attention to the signs in life. She`s very cold David !


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