Katie Maloney weighs in on Jax Taylor’s girlfriend Brittany Cartwright

Tonight we met the young woman that could finally make an honest man out of 36-year-old Jax Taylor — ah who are we kidding — we met the girl that Jax is currently hooking up with — his new girlfriend 26-year-old Brittany Cartwright aka ‘Kentucky’.

I did love how Jax claimed it was nice to be seeing a girl who had no idea about his antics. A-hem….does this girl know how to Google? Was she raised by a pack of wolves?

Brittany Cartwright Hooters
Source: Instagram

Anyhow, Jax immediately tries to use his clout to get his new girlfriend a job at Sur. Lisa is not that impressed by the Hooter’s waitress. She is also weary of Jax’ track record with women.

Sur-ver Katie Maloney however does like the new girl.

I love Brittany and knew there was something about her from the moment I met her. She had an air of innocence but also had a lot of sass and could hold her own. I was reluctant to introduce her to Jax but I couldn’t stop him from getting to her. I was nervous about how fast they were moving their relationship but when I noticed Jax really going to distance to be a better boyfriend than I had seen him my worries faded. I think Brittany is the reason for these changes in Jax and I hope to God they last. This is what he has needed.”

Well let’s hope so, but Brittany does not appear to be so innocent. More on that later.

We know that Jax at least got her one ‘job’ this season — Jax claims that he bought her a boob job.

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