Tom Sandoval claims Kristen Doute cheated before Jax Taylor

The stars of Vanderpump Rules are a bit confusing and inconsistent when it comes to doling out forgiveness. It seems no one has done more to betray friendships than Jax Taylor, yet he is forgiven by everyone all the time. Jax Taylor and friend Tom Sandoval went through some serious trials and tribulations when Tom found out that Jax had sex with his then girlfriend Kristen Doute…twice.

The event appeared to prompt the official break up between Tom and Kristen. Tom now appears to want nothing to do with his ex girlfriend, yet he and Jax seem closer than ever. So what gives?

On Watch What Happens Live, the 32-year-old explained that it was Kristen who had done the real damage, not Jax.

“Look, the instance of [Jax and Kristen] hooking up was not the first instance of Kristen’s infidelity,” he contends.

“Somebody actually asked me if that wouldn’t have happened, would I still be with Kristen — and the answer is no,” Tom continued. “I had my fill of the shenanigans.”

Host Andy Cohen asked if the Jax-Kristen indiscretion was the final straw, and Tom gave an interesting answer.

“It was and it wasn’t,” he answered. “I am [now] indifferent to Kristen. It’s not so much about forgiveness or hatred. And in a lot of ways, I’ve become indifferent to Jax, which is unfortunate.”

“Indifferent to Jax”?? WHAAAAAT?! But Jax just got a “Tom” tattoo to seal their love and lifetime bromance. Yet another exes name Jax is going to have to scrub off his body. I suspect the real catalyst for the break up was Tom’s feelings for Ariana Madix. And if he is “indifferent” to Jax I suspect that is also coming from Ariana. After all I can’t imagine Ariana is happy with Jax after Jax coordinated the AnneMarie Kunkel situation.

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