Nick Viall gets intimate with Ben Higgins’ cast-offs Leah Block and Amanda Stanton

So a funny thing happened on episode 2 of season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. Leah Block showed up to paradise with a brand new look, new lips…and a whole new attitude.

In fact I am pretty sure ABC hired Leah Block to play Olivia Caridi since Olivia was not available for the role.

The 26-year-old Denver, Colorado, Event coordinator went from shy, cute, nerdy, Conservative Jew girl to nerdy sexed up vixen in a matter of months.

Shockingly Leah came to paradise looking for Chad Johnson! Talk about opposites attract! Unfortunately for Leah her dream man had just pooped his pants a few hours earlier and was ejected from ‘paradise’ ….. and Mexico …. forever.

Since we last saw her she also turned into a professional 1 minute dater and upon introducing herself to the crew began a series of quick speed dates.

Leah seemed WAY too focused and serious about this finding a life partner in 3 weeks thing. I mean, no doubt Leah is a stunningly beautiful girl, but somehow even with the freshly plumped lips and face full of pretty sauce she still felt like a neurotic Jewish girl from J-date looking to lock down a life-partner in record time…very serious, very focused, very oblivious.

After learning that her dream man is unavailable she decides that she likes Nick Viall. She takes Nick on a very awkward and very short date. Nick turns around and takes Amanda Stanton on a 1 on 1 date a few hours later.

Clearly Nick has more chemistry with Amanda than Leah…actually Nick has more chemistry with Jorge the Bartender than Leah.

But Leah is not really clued in and feels confident…maybe too confident that they have made a connection. She even accuses Amanda of stealing ‘her look’..bronzer and all!

Hahaha! Wait…who stole whose look?

Leah is stunned when Nick tells her he likes Amanda more.

And after realizing that Nick was ‘just not that in to her’ she announced that she had a “Plan B”. Thank God. You always need a “Plan B” on BiP. (And C and D and E, etc).

Make no mistake. This is a girl with a Plan…like the female astronaut who drove from DC to Orlando, Florida in record time wearing a diaper to kidnap the wife of astronaut William Oefelein in an effort to lock him into a lifetime commitment. Leah has thought this through thoroughly.

So she moves on to Daniel Maguire. Surely Daniel is over Chad by now and ready to fall in love with her. But Daniel is not fooled by Leah’s charm or persuaded by her winning argument. He knows that he is a Plan B and tries to gently reject her amazing offer.

But again Leah is oblivious to the whole idea of “chemistry”….or free will when it comes to romantic love.

She is stunned once again when Daniel gives his rose to Sarah Herron instead of her! OUCH!!! Shut-down twice in one day!

The great news Leah is that Chad is shockingly still single and available!

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