9 Things to know about Bachelorette Canada contestant Mike Ogilvie

Last night on the premiere of Bachelorette Canada one contestant sort of stole the show and the attention of Jasmine Lorimer — 29-year-old Winnipeg Firefighter Mike Ogilvie.

Jasmine made a deep connection with Mike right away after he confided in her about losing his mom and how it has impacted his past relationships. Jasmine lost her father when she was only 12 years old and it has been really difficult for her her entire life.

Mike’s good looks, charm, and vulnerability procured him the coveted first impression rose.

So why is Mike such a catch? Here are a few things to know about the handsome young bachelor.

1: When he is not out saving lives, he is a heavy metal musician for his metal band Diablero.


2: He writes songs and poems as a way to cope with the loss of his mother.

3: He has a brother.

4: He’s a Libra. Mike was born on October 21st, 1986. Libra’s are known for their social and loyal nature.

5: He has no tattoos just scars.

6: Most outrageous thing he has ever done: “Jumping on stage at a Metallica concert in Winnipeg for the “Death Magnetic” Tour in 2009. I did not make it more than two seconds up there before I was absolutely owned by the security guard.”

7: He’s tall. Mike is 6’2”.


8: Aside from just being smoking’ hot, he is very sensitive and is looking for a partner and a best friend to share his life with and eventually have children with.

9: As you can imagine Mike is a pin up boy. He is on The Winnipeg 2016 Burn Fund firefighter calendar with all proceeds going to the Burn Fund.mike-o-16

Jasmine Lorimer picks final 2 — Mikhel Sickand and Kevin Wendt!

Jasmine says goodbye to Mike 


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