Rachel Lindsay to be 1st black lead of The Bachelorette in 2017

So Monday night ABC announced that 31-year-old Dallas, Texas attorney, Rachel Lindsay would lead the 2017 season of The Bachelorette. The news was shocking…no not because she is the first black lead for The Bachelor or Bachelorette franchise, but because ABC made the announcement while Rachel was still on the show!

I have never believed ABC was racist. In fact I am sure they have always just looked for the lead who could draw the biggest audience, thus the most dinero–and that is simply how the entertainment biz works. And Rachel is gorgeous and successful and charismatic so she fits the bill for a lead, but the fact that they made the announcement this early in the season makes the decision look like pandering.

I mean at least wait until Rachel is eliminated so we won’t stop rooting for her!!! The thing about The Bachelor/Bachelorette is that we, the viewers like to believe this fantasy that everything came about in an organic fashion and this feels anything but organic. I mean I know ABC wants to shut down the haters who keep attacking them for having white leads, but at least make it look like you closely examined how the audience liked the girls and who they wanted to root for and Rachel won. You haven’t even given her the opportunity to be that girl!

Typically ABC makes their big decision really late in the game after the show is done airing and they have time to examine who tugs at the heart strings of America. Now we know producers didn’t even take our heart strings into consideration. In short this feels political.

So, in that sense I am kind of bummed that ABC seems to be politicizing the show, but on the other hand I think Rachel will be an outstanding lead. She is smart as hell. She comes from quite a pedigree. Her dad is U.S. District Judge Sam A. Lindsay in Dallas, Texas. She is successful. The girl has passed the freaking BAR exam which is more than I can say for most contestants or leads.

So anyhow, Congrats Rachel!!! We look forward to you making Bachelor/Bachelorette history!

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