Jasmine Lorimer and Kevin Wendt officially split

Canada’s first Bachelorette Jasmine Lorimer, 28 and her fiancee Kevin Wendt, 32 have split after five months. The couple broke the news to fans on Instagram April 13.

I’m actually shocked they lasted this long given how iffy things looked immediately after their engagement.

“There’s no denying that Kevin and I have experienced our share of ups and downs.” ….“Our journey together has been a challenging one, but in spite of the hardships, our bond grew stronger and our support for one another did as well.”

“Even so, our differences and the physical distance have taken a toll on us and a couple of months ago, we decided to end our relationship and take some time to work on ourselves individually. We have attempted to do this privately but that has proven to be much more difficult than we anticipated.”

“There are no hard feelings between the two of us. Kevin is a fantastic person with a huge heart and holds so many incredible qualities. There’s no straight forward way to sum this up into one paragraph, but I will never forget what a beautiful year we have shared. Nothing about this has been easy. We appreciate everyone’s support.”kevin-jasmine-breakup

The couple still remain friends. The day after Lorimer announced the breakup, Wendt shared a throwback picture of the two of them on Instagram.

“Impossible to put into words the love and respect I have for this woman,” he wrote. “Im sad to share, at this point in our lives we have decided that it is best we go our separate ways. The situation in which we met and fell in love is a very real one. With it comes a mental and emotional test from day one. We gained strength together and a bond we will share forever. I have learned so much from Jas, and I am a much better man because of her. Although rough at times, the year we have spent together is something I wouldn’t change or want to experience with anyone else. Jasmine you are the brightest star in my eyes, and I will always be your biggest fan. Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We have always appreciated the kind words, action, and vibes.”


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