Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes’ co-stars suggest their relationship is a fraud

Well what do you know, 2 days after I suggested the Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes relationship was all for show, the couple’s BiP cast-mates have come out to say the same thing.

Vinny Ventiera and Daniel Maguire spoke to PEOPLE about the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. And they dropped a little shade at Am-Ro.

“In that situation, anybody would do anything for some Instagram followers,” said Ventiera.

“I find as I’m doing these shows, people will act differently, do crazy things, stay together — a lot of it is for fame,” added Maguire, …..“That’s how it is these days.”

I suppose that makes a lot of sense and ‘cents’ since Instagram followers translate in to big money. Robby, recall, and his family were selling Team Rojo shirts on Joelle Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette so it’s not like Robby hasn’t tried to capitalize on his Bachelor Nation fame before.robby

Robby and Amanda have been spotted out several times holding hands since the show finished taping. But I was not holding my breath that the relationship was legit.

Additionally there have been rumors that Robby is cheating. And rumors that Robby may be gay.

The fourth season of BiP will star Jasmine Goode, Raven Gates, Lacey Mark, Dean Unglert, Taylor Nolan, Kristina Schulman and more.

Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise premieres on Monday, Aug. 14, and Tuesday, Aug. 15, both at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

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