Are Robby Hayes and Amanda Stanton still together?

Twenty-seven-year-old single mom Amanda Stanton will give looking for a baby-daddy on national TV a third try on August 14th when Bachelor in Paradise premieres.

And spoiler alert! She finds love with Jojo Fletcher’s runner-up, 28-year-old Robby Hayes. The good news is that both live in Southern California making things much easier this time around. Last year her BiP fiancee Josh Murray relocated from his beloved Atlanta, Georgia to Orange County, California and the relationship began to crumble from there.

So are Robby and Amanda still together?

Yes, they are, despite rumors to the contrary.

A source told Us Weekly that they “Amanda and Robby are still dating and have been dating since they got back from Paradise.”

In fact the ‘rumor’ at question came from social media where one Bachelor stalker claimed to see Hayes making out with another woman at a Zac Brown Band concert. The Us insider says, “It wasn’t true.”

I would not be surprised if the ‘insider’ is Robby’s sister.

The new couple was spotted holding hands on July 24th in West Hollywood. Additionally they sat in the stands of an L.A. Dodgers baseball game with fellow Bachelor Nation stars Ashley Iaconetti and Jonathan Treece.

Now here’s the situation: I don’t put it past Robby to feign interest in a girl to stay relevant and in the tabloids. So reports of the two being out and about together doesn’t confirm anything to me.

Not to mention I don’t see the former professional swimmer looking to be an instant baby daddy.

But, on the other hand, I also think if fame was his MO he would have made sure to have his heart broken on the show in order to be chosen to be The Bachelor.

When the show airs in a week I will be looking for clues to see if this relationship is legit. But for the love of God, I pray the two turn down their mics for any make-out sessions!

The Bachelor in Paradise two-night premiere, starts at 8 p.m. Aug. 14th on ABC.


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