Chris Soules appears in court to resolve charges in fatal car crash

Former Bachelor Chris Soules appeared very somber today in court after his defense team and the prosecution came to an agreement about a motion for bill of particulars, — a written statement submitted by the plaintiff, —- over the car accident that killed 66-year-old Kenneth Moser.

According the the prosecution: “The motion for bill in particulars will be withdrawn. With regard to the same count, essentially would be the same charge, however, the narrative of that would read that: On April 24, 2017 in Bucahanan County, Iowa Christopher Douglas Soules did leave the scene of a personal injury accident causing death in violation of Iowa code sections 321. 261 section 4, 321.261 Sub 1, 321.263 Sub 1, and 321, 263 Sub 2.”

The 35-year-old Iowa farmer was arrested at 1:16 a.m. on April 25th in Buchanan County and charged with leaving the scene of the fatal car accident after his pick-up truck slammed into Moser’s tractor. Moser later died at Mercy Hospital in Oelwein.

Although Soules was not charged with driving under the influence, court documents reveal that he was in possession of alcoholic beverages/containers. The Iowa State Patrol was unable to prove that Chris was intoxicated at the time since he refused to come out of his home to discuss the incident with officers.

“Mr. Soules would not come out of the home. It took hours to get a search warrant to retrieve Mr. Soules from inside of that house in order to continue the investigation. That took hours,” the state prosecutor said in court. “At no point did Mr. Soules come out of the house, or cooperate with law enforcement at any point in trying to get in contact with him regarding this individual and the [fatal] accident.”

Soules has maintained his innocence and entered a not guilty plea in May to the charge of leaving the scene of the fatal accident in April. Phone records show that he did call 911, and identified himself as he attempted to administer aid to victim.

Chris’ legal team has requested that Moser not be referred to a “victim” during the trial.

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