Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo breakup imminent

The Rachel Lindsay Bryan Abasolo engagement seemed doomed from the get go. Rachel, 32, seemed alarmingly indifferent about Bryan, 37, while Bryan seemed blissfully ignorant about her indifference to him and her deep connection with runner-up Peter Kraus on The Bachelorette.

Everything really came crashing down on After the Final Rose when Rachel disintegrated into some very juvenile behavior, launching into a smear campaign against Peter — all while insisting that Bryan was her first choice all along.

So here we are a month and a half after the big finale and word from insiders is that the two have “lost that lovin’ feeling” and are now merely business partners in the very lucrative business of faking a reality romance.

According to Life and Style during a recent outing during New York Fashion Week Rachel and Bryan seemed indifferent to each other once photographers disappeared.

“Rachel and Bryan looked more like business partners than a couple,”….. “They didn’t show any kind of affection. I’m shocked they haven’t officially ended things yet.”

The insider recounted that as Rachel struggled with a necklace, fiancee Bryan instead focused on his phone. “It looked like a contractual relationship,” adds the onlooker, “where they had to go through the motions.”

Its hard to imagine that Rachel is not regretting her decision to dump 31-year-old model Peter Kraus.

It was clear on the finale that Peter was her first choice, but his refusal to visit Neil Lane and seal the deal with an engagement ring was a deal breaker for Lindsay who in her words ‘was not there to find a boyfriend’.

And engagement was not up for negotiation with the Dallas-based attorney. She made her final offer on the finale which prompted Kraus to crumble rather than cave.

Peter could not deal with the ‘accelerated process’ of dating someone for 9 weeks on national TV and being forced to make a lifetime commitment before dating the person exclusively in the real world.

What can you say? The Bachelorette is not for amateurs.

Anyhow, don’t expect an announcement anytime soon. Look for the couple to fake it at least until the Holidays.

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