Lisa Mancini — Bachelor Canada — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Lisa Mancini — Bachelor Canada — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Name: Lisa Mancini

Nickname: Squirrel Girl, because I have a very special relationship with squirrels.

Age: 24

Occupation: Graphic Designer/Mermaid

Hometown: St. Catharines, Ontario


From her W bio:

“Quirky Lisa is one-of-a-kind. She makes her own mermaid costumes and loves “mermaiding” in public.  She adores squirrels and has amassed a huge online following as the internet “Squirrel Girl”.  Lisa has never been in love before, but she’s hoping to find her happily ever after with the Bachelor.

What is the most important thing the bachelor should know about you? What you see is what you get. I’m very transparent and absolutely myself. 

What makes you different from the other bachelorettes? My general personality, and the fact that I love to interact with squirrels and have a mermaid tail. 

What type of music do you like? Electronic music.

Who is your personal hero? Wonder Woman. As much as I’m obsessed with mermaids and squirrels, I really, really like Wonder Woman – she’s a strong female, doing what she wants. I collect a lot of Wonder Woman paraphernalia. 

What can’t you live without? Probably the gym. I’ve been working out five days a week for about four years now, and I get anxiety if I’m not able to.

What are your relationship deal breakers? Guys who look for attention on the side, or are cheaters and liars.

What is one thing on your bucket list? I really want to go skydiving and try scuba diving. I also want to get my squirrel rehabilitation license.

Favourite place to travel? I haven’t really traveled. I was on a plane once when I was eight years old and we went to the Dominican, but I don’t really remember it. I’d like to go somewhere tropical to swim in the water with the fish and scuba dive.

What are your three best qualities? My honesty, my quirky, goofiness and my ability to always be myself and not care what other people think. 

Your three worst qualities according to an ex? My blunt honesty, because sometimes it embarrasses them, my stubbornness and my bad temper.

What is the meaning of marriage to you? That you love one person forever, there’s no cheating and you’re happy. I believe in monogamy and happily ever after.”

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Photo Source: Chorus Entertainment

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