Ally Thompson — Bachelor Winter Games — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Ally Thompson — Bachelor Winter Games — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Name: Ally Thompson

Full Name: Alice Thompson

Age: 23

Show: Bachelor New Zealand

Zodiac: Virgo
Hometown: Worcester, England. Lives in Nelson, New Zealand

Occupation: Yoga Instructor, Cosmetic Tattooist

Education: tba

Height: tba

Tattoos: a sloth tattoo on her buttally-thomson

From her official bio:
“Ally describes herself as “hilariously awkward” and confesses she is a hopeless romantic with a heart of gold. She moved to NZ from her hometown Worcester in the UK when she was 19 and has settled in Nelson where she is a qualified yoga instructor with her cosmetic tattooing business. The best advice she’s ever been given is from her Dad who said that “life is what YOU make it” – now one of many impressive tattoos she’s had inked on her body.

Describe the qualities of your ideal man: Kind hearted, funny, smart, happy and loyal.”

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  2. Why would you kiss that ugly guy Josiah on tv are you confused or something I feel sorry for you your too pretty to kiss guys like that and it sends a bad message the world doesn’t want to see that I don’t I’m disappointed


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