Vanderpump Rules Tom Sandoval suing over his low salary

Vanderpump Rules Tom Sandoval suing over his low salary

The salaries of Vanderpump Rules stars have long been a mystery and a point of contention. Several castmembers expressed complaints about their low pay, but boss Lisa Vanderpump and co-star Scheana Marie refuted the claims saying they made much more than the reported $5,000 per episode–3k for season 2 and 5k per episode for season 3 to be exact.

Now a lawsuit gives us some clear evidence on some exact figures–at least in the case of Tom Sandoval. claims that in a lawsuit Tom filed against his former talent agency Tom made a paltry $12,000 for season one of the show which is actually more than the $5,000 number for the entire season originally reported by TMZ, but still pretty darn low!

The lawsuit also revealed that he made another $26,000 for season 2 for a grand total of $38,000 aka $1,400 per episode. No wonder Sandoval is always so angry with Lisa Vanderpump!

As for the other figures Radar gives for the rest of the cast. They claim:

Jax Taylor makes $25,000 per episode. Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder make $15,000 for each episode they film.

Katie Maloney and husband Tom Schwartz are likely even lower. And Scheana Marie, makes $10,000 per episode.

I am not sure about the accuracy of those figures since Radar online is citing a website called RiotHousewives which has no basis for their numbers. I suspect they just guessed based on Tom’s salary so I wouldn’t put much credence in it.

But Tom’s salary info is pretty credible since it comes from a lawsuit. Either he had a horrible agent or everyone on the cast was grossly underpaid for the first 3 seasons of the show.

But hey Lisa Vanderpump didn’t acquire a net worth of $75 million by not being a shrewd business woman.



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