Becca Kufrin & Garrett Yrigoyen get engaged!

Tonight 28-year-old Bachelorette Becca Kufrin got engaged to 29-year-old Surgical consultant Garrett Yrigoyen over 28-year-old Sales rep Blake Horstmann in a very emotional finale that took place in the South Asian Maldives.

The two handsome finalists met Becca’s family: her mom Jill, sister Emily, aunt, and uncles, who gently grilled the men about their feelings for Becca.

Garrett is first up. Uncle Chuck pulls him aside to ask him questions about his short-lived previous engagement. He also asks Yrigoyen how we will react in tougher times. Garrett then starts sobbing as he explains that his mother had breast cancer and thyroid cancer and that his family stayed strong and he would stay strong.. prompting uncle Chuck to cry with Garrett and declare that he has “such a beautiful soul…a poet”.

The family fawn over both men, but clearly they have been briefed that Garrett is the one and they are there to comfort Becca and prepare Blake for the big bombshell.

Next Blake is up. Sensitive Blake is sensing something is off when mom empathetically tells him, “you’ll be Ok either way”. Oops! Mom let the cat out of the bag!

Becca developed a very deep and emotional connection with both men, but at the end of this accelerated journey to find love she could only choose one and she chose Garrett.

The Minnesota-based publicist finally told Yrigoyen that she was in love with him, and Garrett dropped to one knee and proposed with Neil Lane diamond engagement ring.

“Sorry fellas, she’s off the market, she’s all mine!” he told the cameras.

Becca gushed, “There’s so much that I want to do with you!”…”I want to get a Costco membership with you, and I want to have your kids… everything!”

A Costco Membership!!!! Now that is serious! A Neil Lane diamond ring is one thing but a 2 gallon tub of mayonnaise is forever!

Horstmann sobbed uncontrollably when Becca admitted that her feelings for Yrigoyen were stronger.

“I did love her,” he said. “I just thought she loved me back.”

Becca was devastated that she had to hurt Blake in the end but understood that it was all part of this very advanced and accelerated process to find a life-partner.

“It’s impossible to really prepare yourself for a goodbye,” she said. “I do love Blake. He made me feel hopeful. He made me feel love again. But Garrett’s the one for me. He’s gonna be my teammate. He’s gonna be the best partner. He’s gonna stand by me every single day. He would be somebody that I could see my dad loving so much.”

“I can picture it all: I can picture us being together,” she continued. “I can picture kids and him driving around in a minivan. And I can picture us taking care of one another whenever we’re sick. God, I’m so ready for this.”

Congrats Becca & Garrett!!!