Julia Lemigova — RH of Miami — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Julia Lemigova bio

Name: Julia Lemigova

Full Name:

Season of The Real Housewives of Miami: 4

Age: 49
Birthday: born 26 June 1972

Currently lives in: Miami, Florida

Job: former nude model who was Miss USSR 1990

Initially Lemigova was just first runner-up at Miss USSR in 1990, but was given the title after it was discovered that the original winner, Maria Kezha was underage.

After being crowned Miss USSR she moved to Paris, where she opened her first well-being center, Joiya spa, in 2003, and launched a skincare and spa line, Russie Blanche, in 2009

In between being a pageant queen and opening her own business she dated banker Édouard Stern in 1997, The couple had a son, Maximilian, who mysteriously died as an infant, after apparently be shaken to death.

And on December 15th 2014 Lemigova married her long-term partner Martina Navratilova in New York.

Wife: Martina Navratilova

She has 7 siblings who live all over Europe.

Her Ethnicity is Russian

Julia Lemigova is the daughter of a Red Army colonel

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  1. Julia looks very beautiful for her age! I am sure that she constantly visits various beauticians in spa salons. And it’s very cool that a woman can find the time and opportunity to see specialists in order to look beautiful.


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