Jodi Arias Sociopath, Multiple Personality Disorder, Programmed Multiple?

In jail: Arias claimed she had nothing to do with the murder but later said it was out of self defenseJodi Arias Sociopath, Multiple Personality Disorder, Programmed Multiple?

The world has been mesmerized by the raunchy trial of accused murderer, obsessed stalker, and apparent sex-addict Jodi Arias. Jodi is accused of killing 30 year-old Travis Alexander. She allegedly stabbed him 27 times and shot him in the head in June 2008.

But her bizarre sociopathic/Borderline Personality Behavior, zombie-puppet-like behavior has conspiracy theorists googling up a storm wondering if Jodi was a Sociopath, Multiple Personality Disorder, Programmed Multiple, or even a witch.

(There is another personality disorder called Dissociative Identity Disorder: a disorder where the victim’s persona has been shattered that I will get into later).

  • Jodi’s obsession with Travis and with sex was certainly abnormal. She stalked Travis Alexander after he broke up with her and started dating someone else. Alexander had told his friends that Arias had become too possessive and was acting like a stalker, so he ended their relationship and started seeing other women. 


UPDATE: Jodi Arias found guilty of 1st degree murder

Travis family files a wrongful death lawsuit

Jodi Arias Dissociative Disorder?


Jodi’s parents commented that Jodi was always running away as an adolescent and was hard to control. Her current behavior is typically the behavior of someone who suffered severe abuse.

We don’t know for sure, but she likely demonstrated very inappropriate sexual behavior at a young age as well as sexual abuse.

Jodi Arias has testified in court that both of her parents began physically abusing her after the age of 7 with a wooden spoon and belt as a form of punishment.

Arias appeared to be a bad habit Travis just could not break.

‘There’s nothing about her that I see in marriage material – or wife material,’ Alexander had said, according  friend, Dave Hall. ‘But it’s hard to say no to a woman that sneaks into your house, crawls in your bed and tries to, you know, seduce you.’

The couple had met in September of 2006 at a work conference in Las Vegas. Court records show they had exchanged as many as 82,000 emails.

They started dating in February 2007.  According to court trial testimony Alexander was a Mormon and Arias chose to be baptized into the Mormon church (just one of the things that spoke to her chameleon like behavior). The two broke up in June 2007 due to jealousy according to Arias.

So everyone seems enthralled with this bizarre case as a result of Jodi’s abnormal obsessive/detatched behavior. There is even a great deal of discussion about her being involved in witchcraft and having Travis under a spell.

Here is a video from Jane Velez Mitchell where they discuss how Jodi was staring down the victims sisters in court, almost mocking them as if to say “I’m definitely going to get off”.

Here is a video of Dr. Drew discussing her very odd behavior. Dr. Drew suggests she has multiple personality disorder and has MANY personalities.

(Video not available)

Here is a really interesting video of an interview with Travis friend. The friend claims Jodi appeared possessed and “zombie-like”. She was always stalking him with her camera…always there “out of body-like”. She also discusses Jodi’s experience with witchcraft and the chilling premonition she had around Jodi that something horrible was going to happen to Travis. She claims Jodi put a spell on Travis in order to manipulate him.

Expert witness’ for the defense have been testifying that Jodi was abused by Travis. The allegation appears to be fabricated by Jodi and her defense team. Her Attorney has called multiple expert witnesses to testify that Jodi was merely reacting to abuse. The public does not appear convinced. It remains to be seen if the jury will be. It also remains to be seen if Travis family will file a wrongful death suit against Jodi which could reveal even more details about the case.

UPDATE APRIL 15TH:  More on the latest evidence suggesting multiple killers in the Jodi Arias case

Jodi Arias Mind Control Conspiracy

If you know anything about the supposed MKULTRA program you have probably been googling up a storm on Jodi Arias as she seems to fit the mold to a tee. As I talked about earlier the alleged sex slave program (Monarch Programming) was a project carried out by elements of the U.S. intelligence groups.

There were, according to one whistleblower 40,000 actively monitored Monarch slaves. It was a trauma-based mind control which program where programmers created dissociative parts of a persons brain so the person was unaware of the control.

In Monarch Programming, the Beta persona represents the sexual models and sexual alters that the Programmers are creating.  Programmers use an early sexual abuse event to anchor this programming.

The interview with Travis friend is chilling as it does suggest Arias was involved in some sort of occult practices. And if you have watched the trial you have seen Jodi’s very bizarre puppet behavior as she appears to mirror people in real time.

According to mind control expert Fritz Springmeier the whole program is based on the “Marionette Programming” purportedly perfected in Nazi Germany with the same aim as Monarch, in which sex slaves were created who believed themselves to be puppets (“marionettes”).

The value of a mind-controlled sex slave is supposedly multi-faceted. For one, they can be used to satisfy the perversions of people in positions of power without jeopardizing that power. Additionally, these encounters can be videotaped for the purpose of blackmailing public officials and businessmen should they at any time step out of line.

More on this later….


Travis Alexander and the Mormon Conspiracy

Another interesting Conspiracy theory involves the Mormon church.

Apparently in Journal of Discourses chapter 4, Brigham Young talks about shedding blood to atone for your sins. “Do you love your brother and sister enough to shed their blood” He also talks about coming on to “two ruffians” and slitting their throats with his Bowie knife.

I read an interesting comment on one of the Jodi Arias news articles stating this:

“Part of the Temple ceremony is demonstrating on your self slitting your throat from ear to ear and disembowelment, which would be the penalty for divulging the Temple ceremonies to anyone.  This was changed in 1990 and is know longer demonstrated by each member in the Temple, but it is still implied.  The Brigham Young part in the JoD is “deep doctrine” that Jody said was sometime never shared with anyone, new or old member of the church. I wonder if Travis shared this doctrine with her, and because of his perceived sins, Jody slit his throat to atone for his sins.”

This is another possibility that should be examined in more detail. Stay tuned!

We will just have to stay tuned to this fascinating situation!

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  1. Jodi Arias’ actions are a result of CIA and affiliates mind control programming. This case may open the door to the death penalty for millions of innocent Americans.

  2. If Jodie has any personality disorder it should be classified as Anti-Social personality disorder d/t her lack of remorse, she hasnt even cried one time!!! still no excuse to kill anyone but this boderline personality disorder or claiming she has PTSD is a joke! Borderline personality disorders are more harm to themselves than others


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