Former Bachelor contestant Stephanie Simons reveals behind the scenes details about the show

Oh my God, I am always looking for hidden behind-the-scenes gems about my favorite show–The Bachelor, and I love finding good writers, because a good writer like Penny Farthing, Amy Kaufman, Lincee Ray (her blog I Hate Green Beans is hilarious!) and now this woman former Bachelor contestant Stephanie Simons can articulate and capture the ridiculousness/amazing-ness … Read more

Channing Tatum’s movie ‘Magic Mike’ is a situation!!

Ok, first of all, I had no idea who Channing Tatum was before last Saturday. First, my sister in law brought him up in conversation over dinner, to which she received blank, unknowing stares from my husband and I. She looked him up on IMDb on her iPhone to show us a picture of him … Read more