7 Things to Know about Jax Taylor

There is definitely a lot to know about 39-year-old Vanderpump Rules star Actor/Model/Bartender and mega situation Jax Taylor. Jax was actually born Jason Michael Cauchi on July 11, 1979 to dad Ronald Cauchi and mom Marie Cauchi and raised in Shelby, Michigan. His real name was not revealed to his castmates until season 2 of the … Read more

Jax Taylor sentenced in Hawaii theft — Video

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Vanderpump Rules is actually documenting “real” lives, and isn’t staged and scripted, but shockingly it is real.  Yesterday 36-year-old Jax Taylor was sentenced for second-degree theft in Honolulu, Hawaii for stealing a pair of expensive sunglasses while the gang was on a vacation over the summer. Jason Michael Cauchi entered a store on … Read more