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Jef Holm — Bachelorette — Bio — Wiki Updated 12/12/2015 Name: Jef Holm Full Name: Jeffrey Carl Holm Age: 31 Jef Holm was born Jeffrey Carl Holm July 23, 1984 to father Monte Holm, 55 and mother Lisa Holm. Occupation: Entrepreneur: co-founded a company called People Water, which sells bottled water and for every bottle they sell they provide an equal amount of water … Read more

‘The Bachelorette’ Jef Holm’s net worth: He’s a millionaire!

After Emily Maynard’s amazing “hometown” aka “Holm”town date with Jef Holm on his unbelievable and obviously extremely valuable kick-ass family ranch in Utah last night everyone is wondering: “How rich is Jef Holm?” Here is an update on Jef Holm’s family’s wealth. Well, according to a website that tracks celebrity net worth, Jef Holm’s net worth … Read more

Is ‘Bachelorette Season 8’ front-runner Jef Holm rich?

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Looking at our website search traffic statistics today, I noticed that several of the search terms people are looking for have to do with Bachelorette Season 8 contestant Jef Holm’s financial status. Common queries: “Jef Holm rich,” “Jef Holm wealth,” “Is Jef Holm rich,” etc… So, in an effort to give our readers (you) what … Read more