‘The Bachelor’ gets snubbed in Golden Globe nominee announcement

The 2012 Golden Globe nominees were announced this morning. And, sorry to say, in the TV categories there were two glaring omissions. For Best TV Series (drama), the nominees are: American Horror Story, Boardwalk Empire, Boss, Game of Thrones, and Homeland. WHERE, for the love of God, IS THE BACHELOR ON THIS LIST?!?!?

And, for yet another year, Bachelor host and love advisor Chris Harrison gets the shaft in the Best Actor in a TV series (drama) category! As if Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Kelsey Grammer (Boss), Jeremy Irons (The Borgias), and Damian Lewis (Homeland) can hold a candle to him!

Ok, maybe Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad can, but it’s only a faintly lit candle with a very short wick.

Ok, Ok. So maybe that second snub is a bit of a stretch because Chris Harrison isn’t acting on The Bachelor. In fact, he’s doing the opposite of acting. He’s really more of a professional documentary host. Guiding people through the raw emotions that get stirred up when falling in love with 25 women (or men) at the same time.

So maybe what I’m really asking for is another Golden Globe award category altogether. One where Chris Harrison IS the category, really. All I know is he, and the entire Bachelor franchise, deserve more recognition. Because they really know how to deliver the goods.

That said, we here at Ok! Here is the Situation have decided to take matters into our own hands:

JOIN US: Please sign our online petition to get Chris Harrison a Golden Globe/Emmy

Our plea (from our official petition):

“Chris Harrison has been the long-time host of ABC’s hit shows The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad. We, the devoted fans of The Bachelor, believe it is time to award his excellence at handling such a complex reality show with such a high degree of professionalism, excellence and charisma.

We love how professional Chris Harrison is at all times and how serious he takes his role as host-slash-armchair-love-advisor-on-how-to-find-”the one”-in-a-mere-9-weeks. We love when Chris Harrison is forced to speak off-the-cuff to a Bachelor or Bachelorette in need of immediate advice.

(See Jake Pavelka’s season when Chris was forced to go off script and give Rozlyn the boot for hooking up with a Bachelor producer, or how he handled Ashley Hebert’s awkward and unhealthy obsession with Bentley, or how he handled Ali in her off-the-cuff move to eliminate the runner-up pre-rose ceremony).

Chris Harrison has been the arbiter of some of the most complex, awkward and uncomfortable situations in reality history and has handled them with the utmost poise and integrity. We respectfully request that you, the people that handle the nominations for the Golden Globes and the Emmys, acknowledge and honor these achievements. Thank you.”


The Golden Globe Award Show will air on Sunday, January 15 on NBC.

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  1. this is terrible!!!! threat level elevated!!!! we gotta start an online petition asap for Chris B harrison. No one deserves a Globe/Emmy more!!!


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