Sean Lowe Bachelor Watch: Producers are at Sean’s house right now!

Sean Lowe Bachelor Watch 2013 Alert! Today Reality Steve announced that producers are currently at Sean Lowe’s parents house shooting for the 2013 Bachelor. Steve tweeted, “I can confirm that producers are currently at Sean’s parents house shooting his intro video. Safe to say Sean is the next Bachelor.” We are still waiting for the official ABC … Read more

Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson turn down ‘Bachelor Pad 3’

Ok, Ok, Ok….so we were wrong. Over the weekend, we speculated that 1) Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson had broken up and 2) that Courtney Robertson would likely choose to do Bachelor Pad 3 (whether still with Ben or not). You can read our thought processes behind both speculations here and here. But, apparently we … Read more

‘The Bachelor Season 16’ episode 9: Your faves weigh in

This was the first episode of the season I wasn’t able to watch live, over at C Lo’s house, because I am currently on vacation in Orlando, FL (hoping to stop by Vienna Giardi’s new boutique while I’m here, btw!). What was so great, though, is that I was able to figure out what I … Read more

Upright Citizen’s Brigade Spoofs ‘the Bachelor’

Well you know you’ve made it when a famous guerrilla comedy troop spoofs your reality show. It looks like we aren’t the only ones that have figured out that this show is both ridiculous and amazing and clearly deserves an Emmy for best drama and best comedy. The infamous comedy group The Upright Citizen’s Brigade performed at the … Read more

We have a situation: The annual ‘Bachelor’ reunion in Las Vegas

We loved The Bachelor as is, as just a TV show that aired twice a year, once as The Bachelor and then twice as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. But then we were even more geeked when the annual Bachelor season was extended with the addition of the summertime Bachelor Pad. I mean…there are 52 … Read more

‘The Bachelor’ Season 16: Filming deets and tweets

We here at OK! Here is the Situation take care not to reveal spoilers as not to ruin the magic as it unfolds, but there are some tidbits of information about the filming that are rather titillating. We have all heard that The Bachelor, after 15 seasons, has finally decided to “change their pad.” In fact, … Read more

The Premiere: Bachelor Ben Flajnik and his swarm of amazing ladies

Are you ready for next Monday’s premiere of The Bachelor???? We are counting down the minutes. Although Chicky Nickel Blue and C Lo, co-founders of Ok! Here is the Situation, will be spending New Year’s Eve together frolicking around San Diego with a framed photo of Ben Flajnik, plans for that Big Night pale in … Read more

The real Ben Flajnik rebrands his winery to Envolve

Just a week before the limos chock full of amazing ladies start pulling up to the Bachelor Mansion to meet ABC’s season 16 bachelor Ben Flajnik, the real Ben Flajnik is back in the Sonoma and San Francisco area preparing his winery for the onslaught of attention it’s sure to get once The Bachelor premieres … Read more

Situation: Our Twitter account is suspended

Ok! Here is the situation…. Our Twitter account for Ok! Here is the Situation (@tisasituation) has been suspended for well over a week now. Not only is the suspension in and of itself a situation, it’s also such a personal situation to be the person responsible for the suspension. I mean, really. It would seem … Read more

Vote now! Our amazing ‘Bachelor’ polls

Please use your right as a free, American citizen to VOTE NOW in our ongoing Bachelor/ette polls. We love to WEIGH IN, so we’re assuming all of you do too! If you have any suggestions for polls/questions, please leave a comment below and we’ll add it! We need you to weigh in on these important … Read more