Situation: Floral-scented conditioner

I have a condituation (aka a conditioner situation). My latest conditioner purchase came with a super safety seal underneath the cap, so I wasn’t able to conduct my full, typical 8-point, pre-purchase inspection, which involves quite a bit of sniff testing. But it came from a reputable health food store and looked like a decent product, so I bought it. Unfortunately, for me and for you, I used it for the first time this morning and it SMELLS LIKE FLOWERS. And since my hair is long, every time I turn my head I catch a new whiff of floral freshness. NOT OK. I cannot stand perfumes, soaps and lotions that smell flower-y. I feel like I smell like a scented tissue (also hate). And it’s making me want to sneeze. I much prefer fruit scents, or herbal scents like tea tree or mint. This scent reminds me more of Jean Nate (aka cheap, drug store perfume).

What to do? Do I toss the entire, freshly opened bottle?!?!

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