Situation: Our Twitter account is suspended

Ok! Here is the situation…. Our Twitter account for Ok! Here is the Situation (@tisasituation) has been suspended for well over a week now. Not only is the suspension in and of itself a situation, it’s also such a personal situation to be the person responsible for the suspension. I mean, really. It would seem a difficult feat to get your account suspended after only being live for a mere few weeks. Yet, I have managed to succeed in this unfortunate endeavor. Which only further proves that some of the biggest situations out there are the authors of this site themselves, hence the creation of our lovely Personal Situations page.

How did I manage to get our account suspended? At first I was worried it was for stalking Chris Harrison. Because I had, after all, included his @chrisbharrison account in 3 or 4 tweets during the week leading up to the suspension. But that seemed a ridiculously moderate amount to get Twitter’s dander up. Besides, we are currently in the midst of petitioning to get Chris Harrison nominated for a Golden Globe and/or an Emmy, so it’s pretty much mandatory for us to include him in some tweets. In fact, we even got an RT from @chrisbharrison himself for our recent article about his 2012 Golden Globe nomination snub. And even though I now know for sure that the account suspension has nothing to do with Chris Harrison, part of me has been giggling nonstop inside just thinking about how amazing of a story that would be if it were true. So ridiculously amazing.

The real reason I got our account suspended is that I have OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Yep. I spent an hour or so one day fervently following people that I thought might be interested in hearing about our Chris Harrison petition. And then I returned to my computer to fervently follow more people. And then I returned to look up more people to follow. And, yep, by the end of the day, I’d managed to follow over 800 people, which apparently tripped a Twitter flag for “aggressive following.” But, as I have now written to Twitter several times, the aggressive following, in this case, was not done by an automated, computerized spam bot of a script. Nope. It was done by a really dedicated fan of Chris Harrison’s that has a bit of a problem with the term “moderation.” I just wanted to get the word out!!

So now I wait. I wait for Twitter to get back from holiday break and to read my dossiers citing the non-aggressive, pure-hearted and slightly medical reasons for the flag in their system. And, in the meantime, @tisasituation sits locked up and abandoned. I’m getting a bit nervous because the new season of The Bachelor starts in less than a week and there are bound to be a bounty of situations for us to tweet about.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the status of this particular situation, but, as of 3:17pm on December 27, 2011, the THREAT LEVEL IS ELEVATED!!!!!


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