Just Confirmed: Emily Maynard is the new Bachelorette

So word on the street is that ABC has chosen their next Bachelorette and it’s the winner of Brad Womack’s season, Emily Maynard. Ever since Brad Womack famously dumped two ladies in one of the most shocking season finales of all time, ABC has stayed true to their revised Bachelor formula of turning a prior contestant into the next Bachelor/Bachelorette.

So it’s no surprise that the formula has come full circle and they are once again turning a Brad cast-off (although it appears that Emily ultimately rejected Brad aka “the Bear”) into the star of the show.

I’m not sure this is the best choice for several reasons. Despite her rather dramatic past of being engaged to NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick, who sadly died in a plane crash in 2004, Emily has very little life experience under her belt. And judging from her appearance on After the Rose, she doesn’t appear to possess the internal resources and the social chops to pilot the complex situation of being the show’s lead.

Granted, her hard-to-hide emotions and timid behavior on After the Rose may have been because she was still suffering some PTSD from “poking the Bear.” She really didn’t seem to handle things very well and seemed much too comfortable playing the role of a victim during that appearance.

I constantly try and tell the producers (because I’m sure they are listening to me and my comments, ha!!) that they need to refer to Trista (Rehn)Sutter’s season for the template of what a Bachelorette should look like.

Trista was the consummate professional. She was very accomplished in her own right as a former Miami Heat Dancer, but more importantly she was very self actualized as a person. Like Chris Harrison, Trista is a very healthy enneagram personality type 3, the Charmer. Healthy 3s have transcended their need to be the center of attention, unlike unhealthy 3s (aka Courtney Robertson).

The healthy 3 has worked hard for their achievements and now they can step outside of the spotlight, feel comfortable in their own skin, and help other people reach their goals.  Trista possessed the perfect balance of charisma and compassion and had the social intelligence to negotiate any and all situations in the most professional way. Her ability to deliver a rose was unprecedented and has not been matched since.

So I hope they put Emily through an intensive Bachelorette Charm School program to work on some of her issues and to train her in how to deal with the plethora of complex and uncomfortable situations coming her way, as the upcoming lead of this amazing show.

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