Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and Cassie Lambert dated in 2003: PHOTOS has a gallery of images showing a young, hot Arie Luyendyk, Jr. with a young, super hot Cassie Lambert  — his then girlfriend and now Bachelorette producer. And not just any Bachelorette producer, but the Bachelorette producer assigned to Bachelorette Emily this season, creating a rather awkward situation. We know by next week’s previews that Emily confronts … Read more

‘The Bachelorette Season 8’ episode 6 recap: Your faves weigh in

First, if you’re not following us on Twitter, you should be because we live Tweet The Bachelorette on most Mondays and it’s super fun. As some of you know, as the various seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette unfold, we like to apply the ancient Enneagram personality typing tool to the leads — and … Read more

‘The Bachelorette’s’ Ryan Bowers’ Enneagram personality breakdown

The Bachelorette Season 8’s Ryan Bowers is quite a situation! Hence, an enneagram personality breakdown is in order — per traditional Ok! Here is the Situation style. Clearly, Ryan is an enneagram personality type three, labeled by the Enneagram Institute as “The Charmer”. He’s really not that hard to figure out, right? It’s hard to … Read more

‘Bachelorette’ villain Kalon McMahon is a douchebag on Twitter

Um, WOW! So, we’ve all been fairly skeptical of Kalon McMahon (aka “Helicopter Guy”) and his motives and his overall “spoiled rich boy” antics on The Bachelorette over the past few weeks. And, a lot of us, from the previews, have made the assumption that either Ryan or Kalon were probably the leading picks for … Read more

‘The Bachelorette Season 8′ episode 4 recap: Your faves weigh in

Holy Moly this season of The Bachelorette is boring! Yet, I watch. I watch because I love LOVE and I do love watching the lead and the frontrunners fall for each other. But those parts could really be condensed into a 30-minute show this season. The rest is just uninteresting filler fluff, unfortunately! I mean, … Read more

‘The Bachelorette season 8’ Kalon McMahon: Why does Erica Rose call him a liar?

Erica Rose — one of our favorite contestants from the last season of Bachelor Pad — apparently knows Kalon McMahon from Texas and insists he is dishonest. Rose said the following in an interview with Star Magazine: “Emily should take anything he says with a grain of salt. And if she wants to know why, all … Read more

‘The Bachelorette Season 8’: So many dudes, so many situations!

What is up with all the guys with situations this season?!?!! Michael Nance I mean, we have Michael Nance the rehab counselor/guitar teacher (for blind students) from Austin, Texas and his recent addiction to painkillers. In a deleted scene from the show, Michael revealed, “I was addicted to prescription drugs…somewhere along the line. It’s a vicious cycle…I’m … Read more

Jef Holm, People Water and ‘The Bachelorette’…oh my!?!

UPDATE: Since posting this, Ok! Here is the Situation’s C Lo has done some digging and reports on some of her findings about People Water’s charitable legitimacy here. *********** First, as a writer, I promised myself I would never ever ever use the “Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!” headline construction again, but old … Read more

For the love of God: What time is Season 8 of ‘The Bachelorette’ on?

UPDATE: Phew! We were just informed by The Bachelor Expert (Ashley) on Twitter that The Bachelorette will return to its 8pm time slot starting with episode #3, and that the change was, in fact, due to scheduling conflicts with Dancing with the Stars. THANK GOD! Crisis Averted! Situation Solved! Ding!! ******************* I have to be … Read more

‘The Bachelorette Season 8’ episode 1 recap: Your faves weigh in

Finally, The Bachelor/ette franchise is back on TV, bringing meaning back to Mondays and giving us here at Ok! Here is the Situation a break from such banal situations as the fact that a meltdown of Fukushima’s reactor No. 4 could mean the end of civilization as we know it. We’re now able to redirect … Read more