‘The Bachelor Season 16′ episode 1 recap: MORE of your faves weigh in

More of your favorite former Bachelor/ette contestants have weighed in on Monday night’s big Bachelor premiere since I posted yesterday’s curated list of recaps. So, here’s more food for thought from the likes of Craig Robinson (Bachelorette Season 5), Constantine (Bachelorette Season 6 and one of Ben’s homies), Dana Weiss (aka “Possessionista”), Natalie Getz (Bachelor Season 14 and winner of Bachelor Pad 1), Ames Brown (Bachelorette Season 6; Bachelor Pad 2), Dave Good (Bachelorette Season 4 and winner of Bachelor Pad 1) and Reid Rosenthal (Bachelorette Season 4).


Here’s what Craig Robinson (who we reported on recently because he’s dating another one of our Bachelor Nation faves, Jackie Gordon) had to say: “One of my favorite lines of the night belonged to The Drama when she said, “I don’t wanna be drama.”  Jenna, I am sure many people will be telling you how crazy you acted over the course of the next several weeks. Let me be one of the first to put a positive spin on your experience by saying that this show needs people like you.  You had some of the best one-liners this show has ever seen.  The “do you wanna share a tampon?” line blew me away to the point that I NEVER knew the human brain was capable of such an incoherent thought.  I thank you for opening my eyes to a new brand of human.  People who cry constantly may be annoying to date, but they sure are fun to watch on television.”


And, from Ben’s buddy, : “Genuine, funny, honest, laid back, confident, a little on the goofy side and most of all drama free. This would be my reply to anyone who asked me what Ben was looking for in a woman. I’ve got to say that Ben has himself a very beautiful cast of women to choose from and I don’t feel sorry for him…yet. It’s funny, during your entire interview process the one thing that is constantly asked of you is: “what are you going to do to stand out?” With that in mind I’ll go over my standouts from the first cocktail party.”


And, now some insights on the amazing ladies’ out-of-limo fashion from Possessionista! “Erica and fan favorite Jamie (yes I know this isn’t going to make some people happy) both squeezed themselves into sequin, cutout dresses reminiscent of sausage casings. And speaking of breakfast proteins, we also got more than a taste of Canadian Amber’s Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity Chiffon Gown just before Ben sent home the Bacon.”


Some fashionable thoughts from Natalie Getz: “Amber B. (Long, dramatic sigh coming from my mouth) Why? This dress was fowl, like a pigeon. We all know how I feel about those nasty birds.  I think the reason it’s so bad, is because it had potential to be in my top 5 best dresses.  The cut of the dress is great and the tie-dye worked well with the fabric and design of the dress.  Now, the beaded neckline.  Honestly? It looked like you bought a glue gun, scrammed to Claire’s Boutique and found beads that you thought matched the colors of the tie-dyed fabric (which did not), and had yourself a little craft session.”


Some video bloggin’ on episode 1 from Ames Brown:


Here’s what the author of “The Man Code,” Dave Good, had to say about episode 1: “I get nervous watching all the girls get out of the limo.  It should be easy meeting someone for the first time right?  Then you step out of that limo and there are 50 people, 12 cameras and football stadium lights around the house and it hits you all at once.  I know I choked up like dog on a chicken bone.  It’s funny now but was not at the time.”


And, finally, some words from the guy that tried to bum-rush Jillian Harris with a proposal during her finale (and failed, but was so loveable for doing it!), Reid Rosenthal: “Jenna – CRAZYYYYYY Bradshaw – RUN BEN RUN. No real chemistry, and it was an extremely awkward first encounter.  She seems to have developed a little obsession from watching Ben last season.  She also gets caught up in her own head when he corrects her misquote.  She says she should just die.  This is when the other girls see that she may be a bit off.”


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