Whitney Houston: Autopsy draws suspicion about murder

The autopsy reports are in and they don’t exactly put this case to rest.  According to Coroner Chief Craig Harvey Whitney Houston died from accidental drowning and had lots of cocaine in her system on February 11th at 3:25 p.m.

Allegedly Whitney was found with her head in the tub suggesting that she had a heart attack or passed out landing on the floor with her head in the bath-tub submerged in water causing her to drown. This story is troubling on several levels. To start: what are the chances that someone collapses in the bathroom with their head submerged in water? If she “drowned” then that means water was found in her lungs. If she had a heart attack and collapsed she would have been deceased prior to having her head submerged in water. Water in the lungs means her head was submerged (and it had to be face down because her body was out of water) and she was still breathing.

It would be more believable if water were not in her lungs. To suggest cocaine made her pass out, fall down in a way that left her body out of water with her head under water, and inhaling water is odd.

Today relatives of Bobby Brown expressed their strong disbelief in the official story and their belief that she was murdered on Dr. Drew.

Leolah Brown, Bobby’s sister claims she has legal guardianship of Bobbi Kristina Brown and she never signed new papers giving up that right. She also contends that Pat Houston (Whitney’s sister-in-law) manipulated her way into the family stealing Whitney’s brother Gary from his wife Monique Houston. Bobby Brown’s nephew Kelsey Brown also contends that Pat Houston is manipulating the teen in order to gain access to Whitney’s fortune (which according to them lies in offshore bank accounts).

Leolah Brown said with regards to the people around Whitney: “Alot of people are not who they say there are”. Granted, Bobby Brown has certainly been the center of controversy after her death, but if Leolah is in fact Bobbi Kristina’s legal guardian and Pat Houston is not then Whitney trusted her more than she trusted her own brother and sister-in-law and that is noteworthy.

Cousins of Bobbi Kristina were also present on the night Whitney died at the hotel and witnessed some suspicious behavior. They contend that shortly after Bobbi Kristina was released from the hospital for a panic attack she broke down as she watched Patricia Houston and Gary Houston, Whitney Houston’s brother and sister-in-law/ manager, drag luggage from Whitney’s room to the next room. The cousins insist that neither of the two did anything to comfort Bobbi Kristina.

Additional problems with the official story: cocaine was found in her system but NO cocaine or any traces of cocaine were found in her room.

The Coroner’s Office said Whitney used cocaine “immediately prior to her collapse.”  So if she used it just prior there should have been traces of the drug around.

TMZ ReportsSources connected to Whitney Houston who were with Whitney the day she died tell TMZ … an individual removed all traces of cocaine from the room before authorities arrived.” Leolah Brown stated multiple times today on Dr. Drew that Ray J, Brandy Norwood’s brother was a “runner” for Whitney meaning a cocaine supplier and suggested he may have given her a “bad bag”. She also said Whitney was adamant that that was the extent of their relationship and that the two were not romantic at all as Patricia Houston seemed to suggest.

Multiple items were removed from the room like the bed sheets.  According to TMZ the Beverly Hills PD claim the investigation is not closed and police will not comment on whether they are looking at evidence tampering.

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  1. it’s the same story about all the celebritieswho have died. prescription dugs ,or some kind of drug behind it. most have died in hotel rooms. all on occult dates. we need to wake up ! at first the corner said they were sure she didn’t die from drowning,then they say, she did.. some folk see us americans as real fools. they can tell us anything ,and we don’t even question it. something is really wrong here with this story.


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