Mega-six-uation: Emily Maynard’s episode 3 group date is every guy’s worst nightmare

We thought it was a bit out of control when 25-year-old Bachelorette Emily Maynard took Ryan Bowers to her house last week to make chocolate chip cookies for little Ricki’s soccer practice… and then forced him to stay in the mini-van while she delivered said cookies. We also thought it was a bit out of control when she grilled Ryan Bowers and  Joe Gendreau on their 1-on 1’s with obscure hypothetical situations and then didn’t accept their answers!

I thought it was really funny tonight when she grilled Ryan again asking him if: “he’d still love her if she got fat!”

What!? You can’t throw that at a guy after one date and let’s be honest: these guys are here because you are super hot. The hotness is sort of mandatory for things to work here….at least at this point in the game, when it’s much too soon for real feelings to have been able to develop.

Emily Maynard now engaged to Tyler Johnson!

But what threw me over the edge tonight was the group date, which was what we, as fans of the enneagram personality typing tool, like to call a mega-six-uation. We can’t believe Emily subjected her suitors to a major 6 on 1 grilling session from her “best friends” (all of which are older moms, btw)!!

I haven’t completed my enneagram breakdown on Emily’s personality type yet, but it’s obvious that she is a six!!! And sixes are famous for grilling their future life-partners — throwing every possible situation at them so they can be assured they will not be rejected in the long-run. Of course this is also a major act of self-sabotage because no one can guarantee things will work out, and the grilling often pushes people away.

The six loves consistency, they love loyalty, they love someone else to be in charge and to take care of them. They love a minivan and a house in suburbia, and they love a circle of fellow female sixes to confide in.

They also love a list! Sixes often have a list of qualities that they’re searching for in a life partner. If a six isn’t fully integrated and healthy, they will let their anxiety get the best of them, and they will push their partner away by perseverating on all the potential ways the relationship could fail.

And, in this case, with Emily, I think her overly anxious lines of questioning and grilling of these guys is a bit of a turn-off. (After all, Brad did call her a “hand full.”) On the group date, Emily’s group of six friends (all apparent sixes) were like Emily on steroids — except without the hotness (sorry ladies, no disrespect, but Emily is exceptionally good-looking and guys usually only endure a grilling session if the girl is super hot!).

And guys don’t even like being grilled by hot girls, they just grin and bear it, so being grilled by a group of regular soccer moms had to be tough — even if it was all for Emily in the end.

And as if that all wasn’t bad enough, Emily blew a whistle during the group date and a hundred screaming children ran out to test the men’s children skills! This season is brutal! I don’t recall this much testing in Jason Mesnick’s season.

We here at Ok! Here is the Situation are just really feeling badly for the guys so far this season, which is a first. We understand that Emily is a single mom and therefore the season needs to be a bit more serious than in the past, but come on… At the end of the day, Emily Maynard signed up to do a reality TV show, and to put her 6-year-old daughter through a seriously confusing situation. So, our ability to “understand” her crazy actions only extends so far.

We want to watch a love story unfold. We don’t want to watch Emily grill a bunch of guys about fatherhood without an iota of freaking romance!!


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