Jef Holm and Emily Maynard discuss falling in love and potential wedding plans

Jef Holm and Emily Maynard have been hitting the press circuit since their world-famous engagement aired on ABC Monday night. These are a few of the interviews where they discuss falling in love and their possible wedding plans, including a potential televised wedding!! YES!

This first video is an interesting video from the AP of Jef Holm and Emily discussing their time on the show and what it was like dating in this “accelerated dating program,” as Jef calls it. Emily claims, “I had a huge crush on him from the very first night.” The two talk about sealing the deal in Prague with the famous marionette puppet show. (I love the overhead security-cam shot of the two meeting at the mansion).

In regards to having to break-up with the other guys Emily says:

“I hate being in that position. Sean and Arie, all the guys, they’re lovin’ life right now.”

In this interview on Extra, the two discuss Jef moving to North Carolina in August in time for Little Ricki to start school. They also discuss the possibility of having their wedding on-air! — we are rooting for this one! (I love that Emily thinks it would be unfair to not allow viewers to see the two get married since we saw them fall in love on Television and we agree!)  They also take a test about how well they know each other. Well, we can’t wait — now Jef can finally “date her so hard and marry the f*@k out of her!”

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