Emily Maynard gets dissed by old NASCAR friends

There seems to be a lot of smack-talking this season of The Bachelorette. Multiple sources are claiming Emily Maynard’s sweet southern charm is a facade. According to, people in North Carolina claim Emily has let the new found fame “go to her head.”

Not surprising that becoming the lead of a prime time reality show could go to “one’s head”, but the criticism by old friends is rather unprecedented.

We know Emily was connected to the NASCAR community through her ex-fiance Ricky Hendrick, but apparently the NASCAR community is not too thrilled with the “star” right now.

Pit crew members react to newsAccording to the source, “She is exploiting herself and her family for fame.”  The old friends are even claiming Emily’s sob story about fiance Ricky Hendrick is a bit of a sham; this was also reported during Brad’s season.

Apparently Emily was the only person aware that the two were engaged. I wonder if that had anything to do with Ricky’s apparent 15 million dollar net worth at the time of his death, or the family’s reported 200 million dollar net worth? We know she made off with around 5 million dollars since that is her current net worth and is very likely a result of a court settlement with the family.

“She was Ricky’s girlfriend, but I was not aware of a proposal or an engagement. It seems like the rest of America is buying into her Hollywood story,” the source said. Well Madison (Fangs) certainly did during Brad’s season. Remember her tearful exit after hearing Emily’s tearful tale?

“She is just trying to be famous and by making the choice to go on that show she isn’t respecting Ricky or his family.”  NOTE: It was apparently Ricky’s family that tried to keep Emily from doing the show to protect their granddaughter.

“None of Ricky’s family or friends have been on the show.  All of his friends are famous race car drivers and the producers wanted Emily to have some of his friends on the show but they refused because they didn’t want to associate with her.”

Wow! That is a serious diss!

“Nobody from Ricky’s life has come forward.  The tight-knit folks in NASCAR don’t want to have anything to do with Emily. They’ve watched her lifestyle choices and they don’t approve.”

Wow! Things are really rough for Emily right now. We just learned even Chris Harrison had to confine post-production communication with the diva to Twitter. Let’s hope things shape up quick since we have a finale coming up in two weeks!

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