Emily Maynard news: Accusations she’s a diva and a gold digga’

Recently, news and accusations that Emily Maynard is a difficult diva are saturating the web. We aren’t endorsing these allegations as true but we found them worthy of further discussion as a potential situation.

First, the news broke that Emily supposedly demanded $750,000 to lead the show.

Expensive tastes: Emily has glitzy fashion tastes, which have already blown through the reality program's staggering $350,000 wardrobe budget for the current seasonSecond, the news that  Chris Harrison has not given her his phone number to “hang” post-production and has confined her to Twitter to communicate! (This may be my favorite detail for some reason. The idea that this girl may be such a situation she can’t be given more than 140 characters to communicate!)

Third, the accusation that she grilled producers about the wealth of her suitors.

Fourth, the alleged plastic surgery  prior to Brad’s season.

And finally, her astronomical wardrobe budget. Emily is always impeccably dressed on each date, but the diva has apparently blown through the reality show’s very generous $350,000 wardrobe stipend!

Remember her one-on-one with Ryan where she dressed as a trophy? Apparently she was wearing a gold Randi Rahm dress that according to the UK’s Mail Online cost $40,000! Wow that was an expensive dig at Ryan!

“We had an enormous clothing budget,” Emily’s stylist, Cary Fetman, said. “It was bigger than any previous season … and we still went over!”

But according to USWeekly Emily had a lot of meltdowns over her wardrobe.

“She literally cried,” if she was dissatisfied with her on-set hair and makeup, the insider explains.

(I wonder if she cried when producers dressed her up as a trophy for Ryan Bowers?)

The flashy high-end dresses and other outfits Maynard appeared in on TV would also frequently be a cause for concern. “Emily would throw a fit if she didn’t like her outfit,” continues the source. “She’d break out in tears when she was unhappy.”

We tend to believe this report since we know Emily is an enneagram six and enneagram sixes are prone to enormous anxiety even when it comes to outfit choices. Thus the safety and security of finding a cute outfit for a big prime time date must be overwhelming for this personality type. We have personally witnessed many a six perseverating unnecessarily over an outfit choice for far less important occasions.

But I guess we should cut her some slack. If the rumors are true are the two finalists — Jef Holm and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. — up to the task of dealing with this possible situation?

5 thoughts on “Emily Maynard news: Accusations she’s a diva and a gold digga’”

  1. Yes, Emily is a public figure and put herself in a position to have folks come out of the woodwork like they do every year. But, I don’t think she’s done anything to deserve it and I hate reading crap from “sources” (cowards!) when so many others have said very positive things about her including a diverse group of Bachelors who just participated in her season as well a diverse group of Bachelorettes from Brad’s season.

    I had bookmarked your site cause I enjoyed the round up that you did of other bloggers. I see that you are no longer doing that and just reprinting tabloid crap so thanks … you just saved me some time from coming over here.

    • We arent trying to reprint tabloid crap at all. We just found some of the allegations interesting and worthy of discussion. But your point is well taken and we will try harder to keep it on the high road.

    • I think one reason we jumped on these allegations is because we found Emily to be unnecessarily harsh in grilling the guys to the point it was hard to watch. If you note in the piece about the Kalon situation we talk about how awesome she was when she gave him the boot because she stopped the grilling and became more self-actualized.

      We of course are rooting for her but she needs to self-actualize and overcome her insecurities. Her behavior during the show has appeared diva-esque and these accusations ring true to some degree because of how gnarly she has been w/ these guys.

      We get that she has a child to think about but she has got to calm down and grow up a bit if she really wants things to work. But again, we take your comments seriously and we will try harder not to sound like a tabloid because thats not what we want. Its just that alot of these situations take place outside the set of the show.


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