Are rumors about the Bachelorette finale true?

Tonight’s Men Tell All revealed some intriguing teasers for the finale that have me wondering if the rumors may actually be true — that Emily gets dumped by her first choice.

First of all I am totally aware of ABC antics and all the counter-intelligence they launch in order to hype the finale — particularly ever since Reality Steve started ruining the show for fans everywhere by revealing the winner before the show even begins.

So that said I had written off the rumors that are being promoted everywhere including on ABC approved ENews (the fact that ENews is reporting it is one reason I think they are fabricated) — but I rewatched last weeks episode and I’m not quite ready to write the rumors off.

Here are the quotes we heard at the end of tonight’s show for next week’s finale:

“The fact that I still don’t know who the guy for me is makes me wonder if any guy here is for me.” — pretty standard Bachelorette trickery

“I’m so confused. I don’t know where my heart is anymore.” — also pretty standard Bachelorette trickery.

We also see Emily confiding in her parents who tell her:

“I don’t believe that you can love two people at once,” — again nothing telling about that.

But then things start to get good. Her Mom says:

“I encourage you to wait on any kind of engagement.”

Then there is the classic one-on-one with Chris Harrison our favorite armchair Love Advisor. Emily confides to host Chris Harrison “the hardest thing about today is actually saying the words ‘I don’t know anymore.” Emily struggles with betrayal and guilt — Chris: “You feel like at this point you’re betraying both of them.”   That is where I got really intrigued. If she was definitely choosing one of them why would she feel she is betraying both of them?

Is that a clue that choice number one may reject her and so her decision to give the final rose to choice number two is a betrayal of sorts? Or that she is rejected by choice number one and decides initially to choose neither, thus a betrayal of both?

We are pretty sure she proposes to someone but the conditions under which the proposal take place are what is so intriguing and potentially a mega-situation! I still wonder if she is rejected and chooses number two, does number two know he was number two?

Chris Harrison says to Emily at the end of the preview:

“Well, your mind is made up here. You are done.”

My hunch was that Jef Holm had it hands down ever since the marionette puppet show where the two declared their love for one another, but after rewatching the episode I couldn’t get passed how intensely and how often Arie and Emily would make-out. I mean these two were LIP-LOCKED! So I’m not sold on the rumors she is dumped by choice number one, but I’m also very open to most possibilities.

The possibilities are literally endless and they definitely left my mind reeling. Unlike last season of the Bachelor when there was no question at all that Ben would choose vixen/villian Courtney Robertson. At least this season we have two great guys to root for.

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