Brad and Bianka discuss the cryin’, “the bitch” and their wardrobe on Bachelor Canada

The Huffington Post recently allowed readers to submit questions for Brad and Bianka. We thought all the questions had been asked, but just wait there are some good ones in here about all the crying on the show, the Whitney situation and the wardrobe. Here are a couple of the questions and answers. Alright, let’s … Read more

ABC makes it official: Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor

Sean Lowe The Bachelor season 17

ABC makes it official: Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor ! They just announced that Sean will be their next Bachelor for the 2013 season!!!! Which means 1) ABC did listen to input from fans and 2) Reality Steve is finally wrong (he had previously stated that he was 1000% sure the next Bachelor would … Read more

Sean Lowe helps charities

New Bachelor Sean Lowe really is too good to be true. The 28-year-old Insurance Agent, Personal Trainer/Fitness model from Dallas Texas, has partnered up his best friend, Clay Silver, and Silver’s sister, Jessie, to create “The Factory Girl” (The  The business began by handling women’s handbags, but now do custom-painted furniture. The charity raises … Read more

Hi, Taylor. I’m your new step mom, Blakeley Shea

Before The Bachelor or Bachelor Pad, Blakeley Shea (also known as Blakeley Jones), the 34-year-old “VIP Cocktail Waitress” from Rutherfordton, NC was workin’ her talents as a Hooter’s waitress/Hooter’s swimsuit model/girl in a tight T-shirt and now Blakeley is taking on a new title…step-mom. No wonder Tony Pieper is so smitten with the reality star. … Read more

Chris Harrison talks about Ryan Lochte as next Bachelor

  We loved the rumor that Ryan Lochte could become the next Bachelor and Lochte has stated in several public interviews that he would be interested in leading the show. Can you imagine that season? We have seen the “amazing ladies” go absolutely nut-bags over insurance salesmen, a Southwest pilot, a bar owner and of … Read more

Blakeley Shea interview

Blakeley Jones (previously Shea) has been one of the most amazing situations to emerge from the Bachelor franchise. The Hooters waitress from Rutherfordton, N.C. brought a lot of situations on the Bachelor and Bachelor Pad. We unearthed this old interview from 2008 in Saavy Magazine revealing some intriguing details about sex and what she’s looking … Read more

Chris Harrison Net Worth

Even though we don’t think anyone can put a price on Chris Harrison’s worth we still love to investigate the net worth of our favorite Bachelor celebrities. So with no further ado…Chris Harrison’s net worth is $15.5 million. Born Christopher Bryan Harrison on July 26, 1971 in Dallas, Texas, USA, he is the father of … Read more

Kalon McMahon is in love with Lindzi Cox and disses Emily Maynard

Kalon and Lindzi are surprisingly the most monogamous and healthy couple to emerge from this season of the Bachelor Pad. And Kalon even becomes slightly likable and less of the douche-bag we loved to hate on Emily Maynard’s season of the Bachelorette. In a Bachelor Pad preview for tonight’s episode Kalon tells Lindzi he is … Read more

Blakeley Shea: Interview talks finding love

Here is an amazing interview with Blakeley Shea from 7 months ago right after the Bachelor pre Bachelor Pad where she talks about looking for love, modeling and the infamous lesbian scandal protrayed between her and Monica on the Bachelor. Blakeley has without a doubt been one of the most amazing situations to emerge from … Read more

The Bachelor’s amazing ladies get “pretty sauce” makeovers

Rachel Truehart Bachelor Pad 3

We love these nuggets from Bachelor castmates outside Bachelor Pad. And there is nothing we love more than a styling session! This series of videos shows amazing ladies Jaclyn Swartz, Rachel Truehart, Ashley Hebert, and Ashley Spivey being made over and dipped in pretty sauce via pretty sauce and make-up artist extraordinaire Raychel Wade. Love … Read more